Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nazi Skins

These Are Some Nazi Skinheads, Notice the salutes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Punx And Skins

Nazism/Racism Within Punk 
And Skinhead Music Scene

The punk/skinhead movement started in the late 60’s and 70’s. Skinheads are not all racist, only nazis skinheads who changed it 
gave skins the reputation by giving more publicity so people believe that they are all racist.
Now most skins get a bad rep
. its probably not a good idea to go around saying you are a skinhead, because anyone would think you are racist.

Racist Punk Music is Known as “Rock against Communism”. Notable RAC bands include Better Dead than Red, Skrewdriver, Extreme Hatred, and The Bully Boys

Skrewdriver “Before The Night Falls”

They come here to this country from the jungles and from trees
The traitors in the parliament give them a better deal
Spend the nation's money, to cater to their needs
They all accept our charity, then bite the hand that feeds

Before the night falls, heed the White call

Before the night falls, when the reaper calls you

Our forefathers fought in two world wars, they thought to keep us free
But I'm not sure that in those wars, who was our enemy
The Zionists own the media, and they're known for telling lies
And I could see, that it could be, we fought on the wrong side…
European unity, the North Teutonic dream
To scoop to save humanity, leave Europe with the cream
But now our once proud Europe, looks like a melting pot
But melting pots boil over, and it's getting pretty hot…

Some Lyrics are not necessarily racist, but are White Supremacist or White Pride, which is usually connected with racism, hate, and violence. 

Some Are Blatantly racist, such as the song “Six Million More” By The Bully Boys.

Many TV Programs and news programs exaggeratte things like punk rock and skinheads, there are alot of stereotypes from the media.

However, its alot different than reading about racism online, then when you go downtown to a punk show, and have an actual encounter with skinheads, you will be alot more scared. Racist skinheads hijack music scenes,and ruin them for everyone. There aren't too many nazi skins in austin though, but you will still find them at punk bars like Red 7.

     So, all in all, not all skinheads are racist, and not all punks are racist, but there's always the exception, its best to assume that any skinhead you see is dangerous, because more often than not, they are.